Children need to be inspired

When I think of my school/college teachers, I visualize most of them hurriedly teaching a topic, basically going through the motions of transferring textbook knowledge to me. In a class room of about 50, nobody cared how many actually understood what was taught in that  session. That was the job of exams/assessments right? Well, there were many kids in class who did all the study at home and just came to class for attendance sake. They did score good grades :)

Coming back to teachers, is it not the teachers responsibility to "try" and spark the interest of the student in the subject they teach? Try and capture their imagination, transfer their passion for the subject to the students? unlock their minds? I think of the movie Matrix (part 1), where Morpheus and Neo are locked in a Kung Fu fight inside the simulation. Morpheus tries successfully to make Neo see beyond the obvious thus unlocking his mind. Morpheus keeps saying that he can only show him the door and Neo would have to walk through it. For me, that's classic, that's how it should be, THAT'S UTOPIA :)

How many teachers really like the topic they teach? Are they passionate about the subject? say History, how many teachers actually go beyond the textbook and bring in excitement? Not many. Children need to be inspired at a very young age, they get inspired by the Cartoon characters in TV shows. Teachers who have such a major share of a child's life should make the effort to inspire the young minds. This does not need additional time and it does not require you to work individually with each student. I think it is a matter of getting the attention of students by engaging their minds with questioning, reasoning and depth of the subject. Making them look forward to the next time. Does this need a PHD or certification? Nope, it needs a conscious effort from the teacher to be mentally present in the class their are teaching :). An inspired child always grows up to change the world and inspire the future generations.



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