Learning English phonics sounds helps children in reading and spelling

Advaitam English Phonics Sounds
In India, learning English phonics sounds is still not widely adopted. Phonics curriculum is currently part of a limited number of English medium schools. Though many of them just skim through it for the sake of it.

It has been seen over past several decades in English speaking countries that teaching phonics to children during preschool years helps them greatly in starting to read and spelling. This continues to help them as they go to higher grades.

Many parents in India are unaware of the importance of teaching phonics to their children. Common issues crop up when the child reaches 1st grade like unable to read sentences or spelling mistakes. It also affects their reading comprehension which could significantly affect their academic progress in the higher grades.

Phonics is about co-relating sounds to alphabets or letters which when combined together based on specific rules helps in building English reading skills. It starts with learning individual sounds of alphabet or letters followed by blending of sounds, CVC words, short/long vowels, rhyming words, consonent blends, vowel combinations, diagraphs ,dipthongs, sight words etc.

Phonics though is a complex process for the children. Typically children start learning phonics sounds in the 2nd half of nursery. It is in LKG that the bulk of learning happens. By 2nd half of UKG the child should be able to use phonics knowledge to start reading simple sentences. 

Most of the parents, as of writing this article, have not studied phonics when they were kids since it was non existant in India. Hence they do not have the required skill and knowledge to teach their own kids. In order to teach phonics, parents need to learn phonics from grounds up and also learn the process of teaching phonics. Alternatively they should enrol their kids in professional institutes who follow the right methodology and inline with the Indian education board.

Phonics is slowly becoming the defacto methodology as a precursor to reading. There is no doubt that phonics sounds definitely helps the children in starting English reading early and develop a lifelong love for reading.

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