How to improve handwriting of your child

How to improve handwriting of kids

As of writing this article, writing is still very much an important aspect of education in India and scoring good marks.

When we started Advaitam in 2011 we knew based on what we saw in the classroom environment that writing is going to become major challenge for the new generation. Beautiful and stylish handwriting would slowly but surely vanish with the advent of the mobile phone. We hear a lot of parents saying that their child just do not like to write. However the education sector in India is not yet ready to cope up with the rapid change.

when we started our handwriting improvement classes for kids, our key focus was to make children write in a neat and legible manner, be it cursive or print English alphabets. Once the child show good improvement on this part, the next step is to increase the writing speed while keeping it legible.

As a parent how would your improve your child's handwriting? Is your child just starting to learn writing now? Or is your child already in a higher grade and needs to improve handwriting? Strategies will change based on the age and writing style. Below are some key strategies that may be applied and mind you these are not the only ones.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: If there is one thing that you can do to improve anything is practice it again & again. With handwriting as well it is the same. Be ready to make your child practice regularly every day.
  • Start early: Include a pencil as one of your child's toy. Children generally get building blocks, cars, cartoon soft toys etc once they reach around 2 years. Give them a toy pencil. You will find a lot of foam based pencil toys. Show them how to use during play time. Then move on to thick pencil shaped crayons. One common mistake is that parents wait way too long to introduce pencil to their child.
  • Be consistent: Ensure that your child gets enough time to scribble and write as part of play. Buy an erasable writing board as well.
  • Focus on the grip: Throughout the toddler years focus on how your child grips the pencil and correct the grip early in to a tripod grip.
  • Academic writing: Once they start writing in school be quick to help your child write with a proper pencil and ensure they follow the proper tripod grip and stress free posture.
  • Join a handwriting class: If for some reason you child needs handwriting improvement, then join a proper handwriting class and ensure your child attends regularly and adapts to the changes quickly.
  • Encourage hobby writing: Try to develop a hobby around writing, maybe encourage story or essay writing.
  • Join a drawing class: Drawing does help as it essentially is writing. Encourage them to draw things of their interest. This will definitely work towards them actually enjoying using the pencil.
  • Left handed: if your child is left handed then writing is going to be unnatural for them. Encourage them whenever possible. Help them arrive at a good paper and hand position based on their natural style of writing.
If you focus on the above strategies, you have a good chance of ensuring that your child enjoys writing.

If you have experiences in working with your child's handwriting, please so share in the comments section.

Watch the following video for the right way to learn cursive handwriting

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