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How to improve reading comprehension of children

Reading comprehension is the ability of a child to read words / sentences / stories / questions etc and understand (make sense) meaning of the text and take appropriate action by way of writing a reply or by doing a physical action as per instruction.
Let us take one of the most common example of reading comprehension for your child: Exams! Your child has read all the textbooks in detail as part of the exam preparation. During exam your child makes a lot of mistakes or leaves questions without answering even though they know it when you ask them. Why does this happen? One of the main reason is that your child was unable to understand the question was because it was written in an indirect (tricky) way. Your child was unable to comprehend the question after reading it. 
Reading passage and writing an answer is one of the common scenarios in English comprehension in schools. As the children go to higher grade or class the difficulty level of comprehension passages increases. For example re…

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