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Are children in India ready for online schooling in 2020?

Over the last few weeks of lockdown, I have been getting calls and messages from parents asking if we offered any online courses. Many of my friends and people from my network have been puzzled on why we ( were not offering any online courses. Zoom was in fashion, everyone was taking online classes on Zoom, skype, etc. I was surprised and amazed (even) to read that schools were encouraged to start taking classes online. After a couple of weeks of online classes by the school, I am now getting calls from parents to check if we will be able to provide one-to-one in-person class for their children since they are now finding the online class ineffective and basically not helping at all. One of the parent went on to state that it was a complete waste of time! The age of the children ranged between nursery to 8th grade. The other day, I was on, yes, zoom app in a group video chat of around 15 friends. People were logging in and out all the time. I could not hear 50

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