Why children and parents come back year after year for Advaitam’s Summer Camp? The secret revealed :)

sunSummer Camps are the best time to catch up on things your child really enjoys doing. It means different things to different people. For some it means learning a totally new skill e.g. Chess, while for some it’s about upgrading your skill e.g. moving from casual painting to say water colour on canvas or abstract art and others just do nothing Smile and take it easy. The options are unlimited and opportunities abundant!
The secret lies in the depth and approach of our programs. All summer camp programs are derived from our award winning year long programs. These programs are outcome of the years of research in content design, actual deployment in courses and fine tuning based on the response and feedback observed over the years and the approach in conducting the programs. This needs tremendous focus on child psychology and latest trends not to mention the enjoyment factor. But can all these factors be know? Yes, if you are monitoring it for years! You can see or “foresee” patterns and try new things and invent Smile new ways of doing things. In short, gather intelligence and use it to fine tune your services. All this at great value.
At Advaitam, children continue for years not only for the year long programs but also children come back year after year for the summer camps. We know them individually and have seen them grow older over the years Smile. We have had children waiting for months for new programs being launched when they could join elsewhere. That’s trust and we go all out to keep it. We get great satisfaction in seeing them enjoy their time, the laughter and smiles and that’s the “kick” that makes us tick.

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