Ratta Maar !

Recently I watched a masala Hindi movie called "Student of the year". It has a song called "Ratta maar.. " meaning "learn by rote" or "to mug up". Nothing against the movie though :)

This song somehow managed to stay in my mind for so long that I had to oblige myself by writing a blog on it :). Last time I heard anything about this, was in the movie "3 idiots". However the movie was against the concept of rote learning.

After looking at the past decade of developments in education system, it is very sad to admit that we have made very little progress on rote learning in the graduate and masters examinations. Which is quite surprising. These exams should be re coined as "memory tests".

Yes, we do hear a lot of change is happening in the education system, however it seems to move at a snails pace. Batches and batches of students are passing out by using the core principle of "Ratta maar". They have now become parents and their child follows the same principle.

Getting a solution for this will need all the academics and education board to put a focused effort. This looks like a distant dream for now.

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