How lack of parent commitment towards their child's education is affecting the child's learning process

Sunil is a 7 year old studying in 2nd grade. In the recent parent-teacher-meeting (PTM), Sunil's parents were updated on the terrible progress of their child in school. The class teacher said that the child cannot read and write as expected from a 2nd grader. The parents were aware but just didn't want to confront this issue. They had admitted their child in one of the best known preschool brands with huge infrastructure. However their child went through the entire preschool without learning to read or write. They had invested lakhs in the fees and don't know how this could have happened.

The HARD fact: They didn't invest their personal time in the child's education!

Both the parents are well educated and working. They get the best things for their child, be it clothes, toys, food etc. They make sure they go on a trip every long weekend, summer vacation and sometimes during school days, as well, to fulfill their travel dreams. In this jet-setting lifestyle they have forgotten the simple rule of spending some quality time with their child's school work, classwork & homework. They didn't realize that they need to also look in to academic stages of their child like the right age to hold pencil, read books and write sentences. 

Consider this, to resolve the handwriting issue, the parents enroll their child in a handwriting improvement class. However, they just can't let go of their lifestyle. The child does not attend the class regularly. Absenteeism is taking a toll on the child's progress. Every time the child shows some improvement they go on a break and when they get back, the child is back to square one. What could have been rectified in 3 dedicated months, is not working even after 6 months. And even after all this, the parents don't want to take responsibility of their child's poor performance. They complain that the handwriting class is not working. They want the handwriting to improve within a matter of few sessions! What they are forgetting is that typically a child starts writing sometime in nursery and by UKG the handwriting basics are done. Normally handwriting is learnt over 3 years in school. Skills like handwriting, phonics, speech etc cannot be improved overnight. Children need time to comprehend and adopt the change.

This is the case in almost all aspects, be it sports, arts, academics etc. One of the main reasons of children unable to excel is due to parents lack of consistency, persistence and commitment. Today there is an epidemic like situation of learning issues in children. What was considered a very simple learning skill 20 years ago e.g. handwriting, is now a major learning issue for many children. Parents need to re-look at their priorities. A minor change in their lifestyle can hugely benefit their child's learning process. 



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