How to ensure your child’s overall development

All parents are constantly on the lookout for courses and programs which can help their children in academy and extra curricular areas. The objective of these courses are from improving academic areas like phonics, handwriting, grammar, spellings etc to improving their motor skills. Some parents look to take the existing skills to the next level which normally would not be covered in regular school curriculum, for example, a child make be already good in story writing skills and the parent would look towards providing support to realise the child’s full potential by joining a creative writing course. Another example could be in fine arts, a child may be showing great potential in fine arts and could attend advanced course to further enhance the skill.

Today parents are not only ensuring the child gets academic support but also have an eye on how to enhance the overall development of their children. The overall development of a child boils down to the following key aspects
  • Intellectual and Cognitive
  • Social and Emotional
  • Speech and Language
  • Physical and Motor skills
  • Creativity and Imagination
In order to touch all these aspects, parents need to consciously take up different courses for their children over a period of time. This also ensures that the child gets the right exposure at the right time. Given the importance of these courses, parents should look at the experience, approach and continuity of the teachers. Parents should look for teachers and academies who provide personalized courses for children. This helps in ensuring the effectiveness of the courses to a large extent.

Working on the overall development of your child is a continuous process. Parents need to be updated on the latest developments at the same time ensuring strong foundation for their children. This all rounded approach will become an asset and build a solid foundation for your child’s future.


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