Fun Science for kids @ HSR Layout

Advaitam's flagship award winning science for kids program "Advanced Learning Program" is a 100% hands on activity based program. This program aims at making science interesting and exciting for children. This is achieved by doing fun science experiments, model building, robotics, aero modeling etc. As you can notice a single program touches upon various aspects of science and it's application in real life.

This program is fine tuned to each child based on their age, interests & aptitude.

Objective of the program:
  • Help children understand how science concepts are used practically in every day life
  • Inculcate problem solving, reasoning and thinking skills (e.g. critical, analytical, lateral thinking etc)
  • Encourage curiosity and creativity
  • Facilitate interactivity and knowledge sharing with peers
  • Gain clarity in thinking and articulation
What do the children do during the program?
  • Build working models of real world systems and understand the science behind them
  • Trouble shoot problems during the build on their own
  • Extend/modify their projects based on new challenges
  • Share related knowledge with rest of the batch
  • They will work on projects in Electronics, Engineering, Mechanics, Electrical etc
What are the learning aids used?
  • They will be working with some of the best hand-picked educational kits from across the world
Duration of the program?
  • There is no end date to the program. They can continue for as long as they enjoy it!

Location: 867, 1st Floor, 25th Main, 11th Cross, Sector 1, HSR Layout, Near Bank of Baroda, Bangalore 560102


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